EnforceAir Demo on iHLS AUS&R & AUVSI 2020 Broadcast!

Updated: Oct 4

D-Fend Solutions was thrilled to participate in the recent iHLS AUS&R & AUVSI 2020 Broadcast and to be the only counter-drone takeover provider to participate in this field demo showcase. We are happy to share the video demo and invite you to watch EnforceAir C-sUAS system in action, recorded & presented by iHLS (Israel Homeland Security), for a great education on counter-drone takeover.

For more important insights, watch our presentation on "Counter-Drone Solutions & Concepts for Control & Continuity in Sensitive Scenarios", presented by D-Fend's Chairman & CEO, Zohar Halachmi, as well as a panel on current Anti-Drone solutions.


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