U.S. Army

Task Force Phoenix CEMA cell in the fight against adversary unmanned aerial systems

October 18, 2021

Coalition forces are countering adversary unmanned aerial systems with a rapidly evolving set of tools and training. Task Force Phoenix—a combat aviation brigade responsible for full-spectrum aviation operations – has a dedicated Cyberspace Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) cell that is assisting in the counter-UAS (C-UAS) fight. The CEMA team gave participants hands-on training with the EnforceAir ground-based C-UAS system.


Croatia Control and D-Fend Demonstrate integrated counter drone solution at Split Airport

October 1, 2021

The demo successfully proved the compatibility of Croatia Control’s AMC Portal system, through which drone flights are approved and managed in the Republic of Croatia, with D-Fend’s EnforceAir system for detection, identification and protection against unauthorized drone flights

Security Magazine

Fresh C-sUAS solutions are needed to defeat airport drone risks

September 28, 2021

This article by CMO Jeffrey Starr covers different dimensions of the airport drone threat, explains the drawback of legacy C-UAS technologies at airports, and makes the case for a fresh approach for antidrone methods at airports.


Getting on Top of the Curve with Drones & Robots

September 20, 2021

EnforceAir’s advanced capabilities and use cases, including a photo and description about event and stadium protection, are called out in this SDM article. There is also an interview with CMO Jeffrey Starr. Be sure to open the section “Words of Wisdom: Airspace (Counter-Drone) Security.”


Safe Integration of Unmanned Systems: Airport Priorities

September 14, 2021

D-Fend Solutions has deployed its non-jamming EnforceAir solution at airports globally. The system’s classification capability, designed to distinguish between authorized and rogue drones, empowers users to mitigate rogue drones.

AMC Portal Insights & News

AMC Portal – EnforceAir Integration

September 10, 2021

Croatia Control and D-Fend Solutions agreed on the integration of the AMC Portal and EnforceAir systems to create a unique solution for ANSPs to provide UTM services in the immediate vicinity of airports, with demonstrated  compatibility of the two systems. The AMC Portal system has integrated services and functions for approving and managing drone flights, in  integration with the EnforceAir system, enabling the reception of real-time drone flight images.


Q&A: D-Fend on Counter-Drone Measures in the Aviation Sector

June 18, 2021

Jeffrey Starr, D-Fend Solutions’ Chief Marketing Officer, explains the different ways that drones threaten aircraft, how to determine which drones are actually dangerous and the advantages of cyber-takeover technology.


Security Today

Low Altitude, High Risk

June 1, 2021

Whether a drone is piloted by a malicious operator or a careless hobbyist, airport safety and security staff are facing a formidable challenge that we can call “low altitude, high risk.”

Commercial Drone Professional

EnforceAir: Protecting Borders Against Illegal Trafficking

May 31, 2021

RF cyber takeover is optimal to protect international borders from hostile drone incursions, regardless of the terrain. Systems can combine multiple sensors to protect borders via detection, prevention and apprehension of rogue drones and their pilots at (or near) the border by conducting surveillance from a safe position.

J Post

EXCLUSIVE: Technology Can Hack, Take Control and Stop Drone Swarm

March 9, 2021

“D-Fend’s technology was able to hack multiple drones at the same time…the holy grail of anti-drone technology.”

IFSEC Global

Counter drone tactics: Which drones are a real threat, and which aren’t?

February 18, 2021

With airborne security more important than ever, security personnel must be able to differentiate between drones that are a nuisance, and those that are a genuine threat. Here is advice on what to look for when assessing drones that may cause a genuine security or safety risk.

TOOLBOX | Security

2021 Predictions for the Ever-Evolving Counter-Drone Landscape

February 16, 2021

The growth and widened adoption of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will continue as drones become more widely adopted in downstream applications. Here are six predictions for the counter-drone space race in 2021

i24 News

Cutting-Edge Counter-Drone Technology

February 14, 2021

i24NEWS feature including CEO Interview with Zohar Halachmi and Demo, with vehicular action, and special focus on avoiding collateral damage.

Sports Illustrated

As Drones Take Off, MLB Has to Play Defense

February 11, 2021

“ ’Exponentially’ is probably a good term to use,” Terry DiVittorio says of the growth in demand for counter-drone tech services like D-Fend, where he serves as general manager of operations for North America…The majority of people who are encountered like this are “just careless or clueless,” DiVittorio says. While security has to approach these people carefully, so they don’t panic or do something like crash the drone into the playing field, there generally is not a problem with getting them to listen. But there’s another class of offenders—those who do it on purpose.

DARK Reading

RF Enables Takeover of Hostile Drones

February 2, 2021

Tempting as it may be to blast drones out of the sky, a less aggressive approach may yield better data about attackers – and keep bystanders safe.

Defense One

2021 Is the Year the Small Drone Arms Race Heats Up

January 26, 2021

Jamming drones, or even blasting them out of the sky, might work fine over the strait of Hormuz or the desert sands of Syria, but it’s a tricker proposition in the cities where the military expects to fight. Just finding them is a big problem. Small drones are often too small for radar, too cool for thermal sensors, and too soft for sound detectors. One promising approach combines detection and defense: hijacking radio control signals.


D-Fend Solutions Takeover Technology Takes Early Leadership in Cyber-Based Counter-Drone Space

December 22, 2020

D-Fend Solutions is becoming a counter-drone leader by employing cyber technology to take over rogue drones. D-Fend Solutions’ takeover technology aims to take over the counter-drone industry, and the early traction and validation are certainly very impressive.

Regional Gateway

No-Drone Zone (excerpts)

December 16, 2020

Whether small regional airports or big primary hubs, the rise in hazards associated with UAVs is
something all air transport hubs need to address.

Security Magazine

Six Steps to Control a Rogue Drone Incident

December 8, 2020

D-Fend Solutions explains the six possible steps of a rogue drone incident – detection and mitigation.

Unmanned Airspace

D-Fend Solutions Expands U.S. Headquarters and Targets Larger North American Footprint

November 13, 2020

D-Fend Solutions North America is now fully staffed and equipped to perform full business lifecycle services, including sales, system demonstrations, service delivery, support, and ongoing service and maintenance.


USAF Vet Terry DiVittorio to Lead D-Fend’s Expanded North American Business

November 13, 2020

DiVittorio will lead a team, which includes personnel in Canada, to expand the company’s presence in North America and deliver services to customers in the region.


D-Fend Solutions Significantly Expands Operations in North America to Meet Increasing Demand for its Counter-Drone Solutions

November 12, 2020

D-Fend Solutions’ tapped industry expert and former U.S. military veteran Terry DiVittorio as General Manager to lead the North American business.


Counter-Drone Company D-Fend Solutions Opens North American Office

November 12, 2020

Counter-drone company D-Fend Solutions has opened its first North American office in McLean, Virginia, to expand its operations and meet the increasing demand for counter-drone products and solutions.

Markets Insider

D-Fend Solutions Significantly Expands North American Operations

November 12, 2020

D-Fend announced the expansion of its North American headquarters in McLean, Virginia. This announcement follows D-Fend Solutions’ strategic focus on North America…

Authority Magazine

Zohar Halachmi of D-Fend Solutions on How Their Technological Innovation Will Shake Up the Industry

November 11, 2020

Zohar shares his vision for the future of the counter-drone space and offers “five things I wish someone told me before I started.”


The Israeli Technologies Fighting the Drone Threat at Airports

October 28, 2020

D-Fend Solutions was profiled as part of an article about Israeli-based companies that are innovating in the counter-drone space.


AUS&R Demo Day Product Review: D-Fend Solutions EnforceAir Counter-Drone (C-sUAS) Takeover System

October 8, 2020

On a September sunny day, as part of the iHLS AUS&R Broadcast Edition demo day, D-Fend Solutions showcased the advantages of its EnforceAir counter-drone solution in a field demonstration.

Potomac Officers Club

Former FAA Head Joins D-Fend Solutions’ Advisory Board

September 28, 2020

Huerta brings more than 20 years of experience in the aviation safety and security industry to contribute to the organization’s growth and market presence in the domestic counter small, unmanned aircraft security services space.


Former FAA Head Joins D-Fend Solutions’ Advisory Board

September 28, 2020

Former FAA head Michael Huerta has joined the advisory board of counter-drone company D-Fend Solutions to help rapidly grow the company. Huerta will bring his expertise in airspace management and airport safety to the counter-drone company.

Aero-News Network

Former FAA Boss Michael Huerta Joins Drone Defense Firm Advisory Board

September 27, 2020

D-Fend Solutions has attracted none other than former FAA Boss Michael Huerta to join its Advisory Board. The former head of the FAA will bring his aviation safety and security industry expertise to assist the company.


Former Head Of Federal Aviation Administration Michael Huerta Joins D-Fend Options’ Advisory Board – Drones Information

September 25, 2020

Huerta was the FAA Administrator from December 2011 to January 2018, where he was responsible for overseeing the safety and productivity of the world’s largest aerospace administration and a budget of $ 16 billion and more than $ 47,000 under management employees.

Drone Market

Former Head of Federal Aviation Administration Michael Huerta Joins D-Fend Solutions Advisory Board – sUAS Information

September 25, 2020

The previous head of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will deliver his aviation security and safety business experience to help in D-Fend’s fast progress, contributing to the corporate’s market management.


Former FAA Chief Michael Huerta Named D-Fend Advisory Board Member

September 24, 2020

“I’m thrilled to join the D-Fend Solutions team and collaborate on solutions for a more safe and secure airspace,” said Huerta.

Commercial Drone Professional

Counter-Drone Company D-Fend Welcomes Former Head of FAA to Board

September 24, 2020

Michael Huerta, also currently on the board for Delta Air Lines, will bring years of industry experience in aviation safety and security to the role.


Drone Security without the Fireworks

September 24, 2020

In response to drone incursions at outdoor facilities such as the September landing of an unmanned aircraft at Wrigley Field during a Chicago Cubs-Cleveland Indians game, D-Fend Solutions is touting its ability to mitigate such situations.


Former Head of FAA Michael Huerta Joins D-Fend Solutions’ Advisory Board

September 24, 2020

The former head of the FAA will bring his aviation safety and security industry expertise to assist in D-Fend’s rapid growth.


Pentagon’s Special Ops Directorate Selects EnforceAir C-UAS Platforms

February 20, 2020

The US Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) special operations and low-intensity conflict (SO/LIC) directorate has selected D-Fend Solutions as the sole provider for RF capabilities for counter-drone operations.

Israel Defense

D-Fend Solutions’ EnforceAir selected by the US DIU during ‘Counter Drone 2’

February 6, 2020

EnforceAir was selected out of a field of 16 companies, who were being evaluated as potential suppliers of component technology during the Black Dart 2019 event.

Israel Hayom

An Israeli Company Will Neutralize Drone Threats for the U.S

February 4, 2020

חברת D-Fend Solutions (די-פנד), המפתחת פתרון לנטרול
רחפנים עוינים, הודיעה שיחידת החדשנות של משרד ההגנה
האמריקני (DIU) בחרה במערכת ה-EnforceAir מתוצרתה,
כפתרון המשולב במערכת נטרול הרחפנים של היחידה.


Israeli Counter-Drone Co D-Fend Raises $28m

September 24, 2019

Israeli counter-drone solution provider for urban environments D-Fend Solutions announced today that it has raised $28 million in funding led by Claridge Israel with participation by previous investor Vertex Israel.

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