Four core concepts are at the heart of D-Fend Solutions’ mission, product development and future direction: controlsafetyfocus and future-readiness. These ideas animate our mission and offer a superior counter-drone user experience and value for security agencies. Upon closely delivering these concepts, an overarching value arises that significantly differentiates our solution and benefits our users: continuity.


Control The Drone
to Control The Threat

Takeover technology makes it possible to completely control the drone threat, while ensuring continuity.

A Safe Landing for
Safe Airspace

A dangerous drone incident is truly over when the drone is under control and safely lands in a defined safe zone. A safe landing from D-Fend Solutions EnforceAir keeps the airspace safe.

Focus on the
Real Risk

Not all drones are equal threats. D-Fend Solutions’ effective counter-drone strategic approach employs drone risk analysis, assessment and prioritization which considers drone prevalence, payload capacity, and flying range distance.

Staying a Drone
Threat Ahead

The drone threat constantly increases in complexity as new drones and technologies emerge. D-Fend Solutions’ counter-drone operations consider future drone threat and stay ahead of the evolving risks with solutions, talent, and technology to contend with next generation drone dangers.


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