In today’s counter-drone space, collaboration is a key to success. Together with our world-class partners, D-Fend Solutions can deliver innovative, holistic solutions to address your unique needs and facilitate a safer world.

If you are selected to partner with D-Fend Solutions, the premier radio frequency, cyber-takeover technology provider, you will help make the skies safer. We partner with three different types of organizations:

Technology and Integration Partners

D-Fend Solutions seeks complementary partners in the areas of UAS, cyber and integration. Partnering with D-Fend will offer you access to our experts, who possess extensive experience in air defense, electronic warfare and cybersecurity, including personnel from elite military intelligence technology units. We can also help introduce your technology to a wider audience via our customer base, which is spread across many different business/governmental verticals, and our industry connections.

Channel Partners

We partner with organizations that help market and resell D-Fend Solutions’ innovative offerings in their respective regions and/or verticals.

D-Fend Solutions’ partners are compensated fairly and our business model often generates additional opportunities after the original deal is completed. Enterprise partners benefit from our robust Marketing and Sales divisions – our employees are constantly working to strengthen the D-Fend Solutions brand in the market and introduce EnforceAir to the most relevant audiences.

Governmental Partners

D-Fend Solutions partners with governmental organizations that put our flagship offering, EnforceAir, through rigorous testing in the field and then help introduce it to adjacent or interrelated governmental agencies. Governmental partners benefit from the industry-specific best practices and features that we have developed by working with top-tier governmental organizations. By collaborating with us, you can help introduce pioneering technology to your governmental organization or agency, and keep your people safe.

Technology & Integration Partners Channel Partners Governmental Partners


D-Fend Solutions seeks to partner with organizations whose innovative technology is integrative with our leading RF cyber-takeover technology.


Anduril builds cutting-edge hardware and software products that solve complex national security challenges for America and its allies.


Moog has extended its expertise in motion control and actuation products to the radar market for mechanically steered radar systems. The company has a rapidly growing fiber optic product line that supports radar communication and meets data transmission requirements.


OmniResponse is a Texas-based software solution provider offering a collection of state-of-the-art telemetry products customized to suit the specialized needs of its customers. Stated simply, they connect businesses of all types with the information needed most to make everyday decisions.

Airspace Systems Inc.

Airspace solutions protect people, property and IP for businesses, law enforcement and the military.


We are pleased to be partnered with influential and trusted organizations that help market and resell D-Fend Solutions’ innovative offerings in their respective regions and/or verticals.

Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS)

NIAS, a non-profit corporation, leads the growth of the Nevada Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Industry through business teaming relationships, collaboration with primary research institutions and helping enhance the UAS industry’s knowledge base to attract new and permanent business within the State of Nevada.

Airport Operators Association (AOA)

The Airport Operators Association (AOA) is the national voice of UK airports. It is a trade association representing the interests of UK airports, and the principal such body engaging with the UK government and regulatory authorities on airport matters.


EMSEC Solutions Inc. (ESI) provides consulting services, training and integration support in the areas of: emission security (EMSEC), in-place RF monitoring and RF spectrum analysis.

PureLogic IT

PureLogic is a full-service IT solutions provider that offers enterprise-level data center, desktop and network solutions to private and public sector organizations.


D-Fend Solutions collaborates with governmental organizations that closely evaluate our flagship offering, EnforceAir, and help introduce it to adjacent or interrelated governmental agencies.


The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations/Low-Intensity Conflict (ASD (SO/LIC)) established CTTSO in 1999 to consolidate its research and development programs previously administered by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence).

Defense Innovation Unit (DIU)

The Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), which is part of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), selected EnforceAir as its core radio frequency cyber-takeover system for integration into its counter-drone system. DIU further evaluated EnforceAir’s ability to integrate into a “system of systems” at a government test facility during a counter-drone event. The lessons learned informed both the Department’s approach to the integration of EnforceAir’s capabilities, as well as D-Fend Solutions’ strategy on how to best serve law enforcement agencies.

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