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Counter Drone Solutions for Urban Environments

The popularity of commercial drones is growing rapidly. By year 2020, over 100 million drones are expected to be in use.  Until a few years ago, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) were purely military aircrafts. Today, commercial drones are widely available, relatively inexpensive, and feature top-notch military-grade capabilities.

While most drones are used for legitimate and positive purposes, many are used irresponsibly or maliciously - risking aircrafts in airports, smuggling drugs and weapons into prisons, attacking or harassing political figures, and carrying-out terror acts.

Military counter-drone technologies, usually based on radar detection, narrow beam RF jamming, or kinetic mitigation (missiles, destructive laser beams) have been deployed successfully in offshore military installations and rural environments.


However, these technologies are not suitable for urban environments or airports due to the risks of collateral damage, communication interference and intrinsic disturbance to the daily functionality in urban scenarios.

D-Fend addresses all these issues, providing comprehensive, safe, and scalable solutions for securing a stationary perimeter and portable usage.

Our top-tier technology team, deeply rooted in the Israeli electronic warfare and cybersecurity establishment, is developing unique capabilities to identify rogue drones and intercept them safely, by taking over their flight control links and landing them in a designated safe zone.

We believe drones will prosper and contribute to our lives in many ways we may not have imagined yet.  This future may also introduce unforeseeable risks. D-Fend will keep this future safe.


Zohar Halachmi   |  Chairman and CEO

A serial entrepreneur and senior executive. Prior to founding D-Fend, Zohar was founder and CEO of three start-ups in the field of mobile advertisement and enterprise applications, and held three VP/C-level executive positions in public (NASDAQ) and global telecommunication enterprises. Zohar managed multidisciplinary large and small-scale organizations, creating fast-growth and profitable businesses, bringing new, innovative solutions and services to the market, from concept to revenues. Zohar graduated Cum Laude from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology (B.Sc.) and Tel-Aviv University (M.Sc.) and was a lecturer at the Technion and Tel-Aviv University. 

Yaniv Benbenisti   |  President and Chief Product Officer

Yaniv is an experienced business and product executive. Prior to founding D-Fend, Yaniv held two management positions in public (NASDAQ) intelligence solutions enterprises. Yaniv was the head of the Cyber Access Division in the IDF’s Technology & Intelligence Unit 8200.


Over the course of 13 years in the Israeli intelligence unit 8200, Yaniv held several positions, from modem development to leading hundred of cyber experts & engineers. Yaniv holds a B.Sc. Cum Laude and a M.Sc. from Ben-Gurion University. 

Assaf Monsa   |  CTO and VP R&D

A serial entrepreneur, technology, and business executive for the last 20 years. Prior to founding D-Fend, Assaf was an executive in predictive marketing, medical devices, animation, software licensing, computer games, and online retail. He managed large international multidisciplinary teams and developed complex products with state-of-the-art technology. Assaf is a graduate Cum Laude of the prestigious Talpiot program (B.Sc) at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and spent seven years in the Israeli intelligence unit 8200. He holds a B.A. Summa Cum Laude in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences from the Open University of Israel.


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