Counter Drone Solutions

for Urban Environments


Our Product

An autonomous end-to-end system that takes over

communication links of rogue commercial drones

and lands them safely in a designated zone

Why D-Fend

Counter Drone Solutions Designed

for Urban Environments


Modular Capabilities

Extract forensics data while the drone is in the air (operator identification details, flight plan, and more) to

support online decision making,

and offline  investigation.

Prevent drones from entering your secure zone, forcing them to return to their take-off location.

Prevent drones from entering your secure zone, by taking over control of rogue drones and landing them safely

in a designated zone.

Detect all drones and ground operators over large distances.

Locate the exact location of the drone and its ground operator and track it.

Monitor radio waves to detect drones over large distance. Distinguish approved

drones from others.

First Responders
Military & Secret Services Agencies
Safe City
Media Providers & Sporting Events
Critical Infrastructure

D-Fend Solutions


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